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Berlingsk: Arrow points to self-conscious Pole

Read Carefully

Quote in Berlingsk (Denmark) article, ‘Pilen peger på selvbevidst polak‘ by Jakob Ussing and Jesper Thobo-Carlsen on contenders for the European Union’s top jobs:

According to David O'Leary, project manager at the Europe Decides, [French President François] Hollande's relationship with [Danish Prime Minister Helle] Thorning-Schmidt is "lukewarm, if not hostile".


[Thorning-Schmidt's] strongest advocate was Britain's Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, but this week he switched horses and signaled his backing for Donald Tusk, who has previously criticised Cameron for his position on EU migrants.

This switch is out of necessity, says David O'Leary. It is a sign that Cameron has acknowledged that [Italian Foreign Minister] Federica Mogherini probably will take a post [as EU High Representative] and so the Council presidency goes to a central or eastern European.

"Cameron does not want to push for Helle Thorning-Schmidt, even though he sees her as a good candidate," concludes O'Leary.


Download the full article (in Danish) / Image: CC BY 2.0 European People’s Party