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Talking ourselves out of the EU

Another day, another concession to the Europhobes (it's time to stop beating about the bush - these people are not

Luis Suarez – the problems of a throwback footballer in the modern age

There is much to admire about Luis Suarez. He is a prolific goalscorer and a scorer of great goals. He,

Majeure disappointment

Eddie Izzard - Force Majeure, Antwerp Sportpaleis ***** It can be difficult for any artist or performer to live up

Second chances

Tonight, Ilombe Mboyo may make his first full international appearance for the Belgian national football team. Nothing remarkable there: Mboyo

A very British Tea Party

On the face of it, Conservative Voice – launched yesterday - is just another right-wing, anti-European Tory ginger group. But

Making and breaking the news

The Newsroom and Veep (Sky Atlantic) ***** / ***** "America is not the greatest country in the world any more", says

William Hague, the unlikely federalist?

What is federalism? Ask a Brit, and the answer will probably feature the words ‘European superstate’. Ask a Belgian or

700 days to make the European case

In May 2014, people from across Europe will elect the next European Parliament. They probably won’t do so in great

A blurred vision for the future of Europe

Last week foreign ministers from ten EU countries published the initial outcomes of a series of meetings of the 'Westerwelle

It’s a girl thing? It’s a patronising thing

As someone who works in communications - and who is 'pro-European' - I often despair of the way the European