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Different states of independence

One of the quirky sub-plots of this year’s European Parliament elections is that the success of one ‘independence’ movement could inadvertently boost

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Euronews: The centre-right gains ground ahead of next month’s European elections

Interview on Euronews, 'The centre-right gains ground ahead of next month's European elections'. Read the article

Europe, Politics

The first head-to-head: much ado about very little

A little bit of European political history was made yesterday, with the first televised head-to-head debate between candidates for the European

Europe, Politics

50 days to go, 50 things to know about Europe’s year of change

The countdown continues: at 08:00 CEST on Wednesday 2 April, there are exactly 50 days to go to the opening

Europe, Politics

100 days to go, 100 things to know about Europe’s year of change

At 07:00 CET on Tuesday 11 February, there are exactly 100 days to go to the opening of the polls

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Mr President, the candidate?

It’s official: Martin Schulz, the current President of the European Parliament, is the only nominee to be the common candidate of the Party

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RTE and Irish Independent: Enda Kenny for a top EU job?

What are Enda Kenny's chances of becoming President of the European Commission or President of the European Council in 2014? I

Britain, Europe, Politics

Talking ourselves out of the EU

Another day, another concession to the Europhobes (it's time to stop beating about the bush - these people are not

Britain, Europe, Politics

A very British Tea Party

On the face of it, Conservative Voice – launched yesterday - is just another right-wing, anti-European Tory ginger group. But

Britain, Europe, Politics

William Hague, the unlikely federalist?

What is federalism? Ask a Brit, and the answer will probably feature the words ‘European superstate’. Ask a Belgian or