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Britain, Politics

Britain’s election makes Brexit threat real

It’s all over – and heads are being scratched in London and Brussels. In London, the feeling is ‘how did

Britain, Politics

Five thoughts on the Cameron-Miliband ‘debate’

1. Mission Accomplished (I): Cameron survives (mostly) intact A Prime Minister, having to defend a record, is naturally on the

Britain, Europe, Politics

A big six weeks for Britain… and Europe

An extraordinary election approaches, but traditions die hard in the United Kingdom. Today, the 55th parliament of the United Kingdom

Europe, Politics

A trio of troubles in Tusk’s in-tray

The final piece of Europe’s jigsaw is almost in place. On Monday, Donald Tusk, elected by the national leaders at

Britain, Europe, Politics

Five days on from the election: five reflections on the Commission presidency

That was the week that was: an odd few days where the European People’s Party won the European Parliament elections, but was also the

Britain, Europe, Politics

Talking ourselves out of the EU

Another day, another concession to the Europhobes (it's time to stop beating about the bush - these people are not

Britain, Europe, Politics

A very British Tea Party

On the face of it, Conservative Voice – launched yesterday - is just another right-wing, anti-European Tory ginger group. But

Britain, Europe, Politics

700 days to make the European case

In May 2014, people from across Europe will elect the next European Parliament. They probably won’t do so in great

Britain, Politics

Gordon Brown: comeback kid?

At the end of August, I blogged about Gordon Brown, “Britain’s beleaguered prime minister”, who was on the brink of falling to

Britain, Politics

Sun, sea, sand and sedition

August is normally a quieter time for Europe’s leaders, but not so this year. With the Olympics and Georgia on their minds,