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Jyllands-Posten: Challenges loom for new EU president

Quote in Jyllands-Posten (Denmark) article, 'Udfordringerne tårner sig op for ny EU-præsident' by Jesper Kongstad and Heidi Plougsgaard on contenders for

Europe, In the media, Politics

Berlingsk: Arrow points to self-conscious Pole

Quote in Berlingsk (Denmark) article, 'Pilen peger på selvbevidst polak' by Jakob Ussing and Jesper Thobo-Carlsen on contenders for the European Union's

Europe, In the media, Politics, World

Jyllands-Posten: Difficult role for new foreign policy chief

Quote in Jyllands-Posten (Denmark) article, 'Ny udenrigschef får vanskelig post' on the prospects for the new EU High Representative: [icon